Marco de WitMarco de Wit

Engineer, world cyclist and founder of Bike4trave. He loves to ride his mountainbike and isn't afraid to go off the beaten track. Same goes for his work: he's open to new things and likes to test different parts and components himself before one makes it to one of his bicycles. Marco is a very good listener and is technically up to date, he's a great advisor when it comes to choosing the right Avaghon and components for you.

In 2011 he bought Avaghon from Frank Verlinden and Philip Woudenberg from Recycle in Wageningen. Since that moment the Avaghon bicycles are being built and maintained in the workshop in Rotterdam. In 2015 Marco engineered the next generation Avaghon: the X-29.

chantal de witChantal de Wit

Married to Marco, world cyclist, accountant and advisor. Chantal keep things clear and practical, which makes her a great advisor. She knows what she is talking about when it comes to world bicycles made by Avaghon.


Chantal brings a smile to the team and also makes sure our office looks nice, components are up to date and knows how to think forward. She's of essential value to us.



Elmar van DrunenElmar van Drunen

Technical advisor, world cyclist and test editor for Bike&trekking Magazine. Elmar knows his Avaghon bicycles and has a lot of essential experience. He thinks in solutions and is up to date with the latest developments. As a long distance cyclist he knows what he is talking about and will give you good advice on your choice of Avaghon bicycle.
In his spare time he is also a road biker and loves to keep the rest of the troops out of the wind.

Elmar is in charge of building our Avaghon bicycles and he does so in a very well organised way. Apart from that he is one of our Pinion specialists.


Ellen van DrunenEllen van Drunen

Ellen is a world cyclist, photographer and test editor for Bike&trekking Magazine and with that knowledge she can tell you everything when it comes to riding your bike around the world. Both Marco and Elmar tought her everything there is to know about our Avaghon bicycles and she can perfectly advise you when it comes to buying your next Avaghon bicycle.

She loves structure and quality and takes care of our website, events and workshops. She too is one of our Pinion experts and she knows a lot about Rohloff and Gates belt systems.


Ella de Wit

Ella is the director. She determines our daily rhytm even when she is not around. ;) She has a very positive attitude and loves to go for an overnight bike ride with her parents Marco and Chantal. She has a special interest in kid trailers and small bicycles.