How does it work?

The road to a perfect bicycle for you

What do you use the bicycle for? With that in mind we will make sure to find an Avaghon that meets your needs. And in case you are looking for a replacement for your previous bicycle, we'd love to hear what you liked and disliked too. Only when your new Avaghon meets with your whishes we are happy with the result.

To measure is to know

With a couple of basic measurements and our bike fitting program we will give you the opportunity to test ride as many Avaghon bicycles as you want. This way you can experience the great riding capabilities of each bicycle yourself. To actually fit the bicycle of your choice we take time to measure your position on our fitting bike to find the perfect position for you. This way you can tell us what your preferred riding position is and of course we will give you advice in the matter.

Dotting the í's

With our custombuilt program it is possible to configure your bicycle exactly the way you want. Together we follow our extensive options list and we will give you advice on every component and decide which will fit you best.

Into the unknown world

When your Avaghon has been configured to your whishes the most difficult part begins: the waiting. Depending on stock it will take 3-5 weeks before you can pick up your Avaghon and start exploring the world with your new loyal partner. Naturally we offer you a free tune-up after the first kilometers have rolled away underneath your Avaghon. Apart from that we are always willing to answer your questions and we would love for you to share your experiences with us!