How it all started

In 1995 Geert van de Rijdt, Frenk Hochstenbach en Philip Woudenberg started developing their own bicycle brand 'Avaghon' at Dynamo Rijwielen.
Later Michiel Boulogne, one of the founders of 'De Fietsenmaker' in Arnhem, came to reinforce the team.

Lough 'Avaghon' is actually an Irish Lake by the way. The frames 'made to measure' were first being build in The Netherlands, but later that process moved to Germany and Belgium.

With years of experience with top quality touring bicycles like the Avaghons and Villiger Cabonga, Dynamo Rijwielen started in 2005 with the Avaghon Series. High quality frames with a crossed seat stay, build with double butted chrome molybdenum tubes and microfusion lugs. All the knowledge gained during building touring bikes eventually resulted in Avaghon Series, absolutely a bicycle in the top segment of this industry. Ever since then the Avaghon brand strongly grew in popularity and tests have proven the quality of the Avaghon Series.

Avaghon Series S28 Avaghon Series S26

Because of many bicycle touring experiences and valuable test results Avaghon is highly recommended with both bicycle tourers, commuters and world cyclists. Our customers live anywhere in  The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Scandinavia and even outside Europe.

In 2008 we added the Avaghon tandems to our product line.

Dynamo Rijwielen

Dynamo started in 1984 as a bicycle shop in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. All because of passion for cycling and bicycle touring.
April 1st 2001 Dynamo merged with ReCycle in Wageningen and the name transformed to Dynamo Rijwielen Import. Dynamo Rijwielen became the manufacturer of Avaghon bicycles. Philip Woudenberg and Frank Verlinden were the two companions who further developed the Avaghon brand.

Avaghons at Bike4travel

Until February 1, 2011 the Avaghon bicycles were sold at bicycle shop ReCycle in Wageningen, The Netherlands. After that Bike4travel took over and now the Avaghon bicycles are exclusively sold in Rotterdam. In 2015 Marco de Wit, the new owner, added a new bicycle to the Avaghon family: the X-29. With this bicycle Avaghon immediately won an Op Pad Outdoor Award! And Marco is extending his success and is now developing another bicycle which will be added to the product line in 2016!